In the WAMMCO is composed of independent national confederation, For an organization to formally represent their country as a member in the WAMMCO world confederation, there needs to be a national confederation in place that meets the following requirements:

• It needs to be formally registered as a non-profit organization in there country.
• It needs to have national statutes, and the statutes need to state that the organization is democratic
• It needs to be registered under a name that contains the country name and WAMMCO martial arts
• It needs to group together the majority of the Styles and clubs of the WAMMCO confederation throughout the country
• It needs to show the ability to initiate regular national programs and activitys such as seminars, competitions, education in the near future

If in any country there is more than one such federation, the WAMMCO will accept among its members the one officially recognized by the National Olympic Committee NOC and the governmental sport authority NCS of the country in question. If more than one federation meets all the requirements but none have that kind of recognition it comes down to help them work together, which national WAMMCO confederation together the majority of the styles and clubs throughout the country.

In countries where there is a need for support on how to found a non-profit, democratic national federation of the WAMMCO provides that through our Establishment Committee.