News & Events – 2005

Invitation to International Images of Culture, Arts & Sports Event 2005©

Dear Friends of Martial Arts and Sports and Colleagues, Shihans, Senseis, referees, and competitors:

On behalf of the International SougoBudo Academy, we would like to Invite you to attend the

Open World all Martial Arts & Sports Cup Championship 2005© – The biggest championship with 8 different contest rul

A. wammco sougobudo B. wammco multi universal C. shobu Ippon D. wushu sanda E. shobu(wkf) F. semi-contact G. form art/kata H. form weapon/kata kobudo

To be held on Friday 15 & Saturday 16 Sunday 17 April 2005 Bochum Germany.


Organizers committee:

(Right) Mr. Thomas Hackenberg 7dan jujitsu. Former champion kick boxer international-Europe-Germany
1077-83 Former president IBF & E.Budo Germany.
(Center) Mr. F.Dariagard, President WAMMCO Founder ISBAA
(Left) Mr. Ramadan murina 6 dan kungfu wushu 5 dan kigboxing vice president kampfkunst International

Open for all systems/styles of All Martial Arts & Sports from every club’s/organization’s/Federation’s and countries All Karate(Traditional & sports shotokan, wadoryu, Genseiryu, kyukushinkai, shitoryu, Ashihara, Gojuryu, wadokai, shitokai, gojukai, and more) Kungfu(wing Tsun, Wushu, and more) korean,(Taekwondo, Hapkido, Hwa Rang Do, Taekkyon and more) Kick boxing, Jeet kuune do, P. silat, Arnis, Escrima, Genkidokai, kenpo/Kempo , kendo, kobudo, Iaido Styles©

For all Children & Junior & adults & Women & men

Invited every country from Europe, Asia, Africa, Ocean, Pan-American continent

A Cultural Exchange & Sports Event of International Dimensions in Germany between the Countries of the World for the friendship and peace

The event is supported by:

  • WAMMCO — Worldwide All styles Martial Arts & Martial Sports Confederation;
  • EWF — European Wammco Federation
  • GWF — Germany Wammco Federation
  • ISBAA — International Sougo Budo Academy Association;
  • IKGNA — International Karate do GenSeiKai Network Association;
  • IGF — International Genkidokai Federation
  • GSGF — Germany sougo budo Genkidokai Federation
  • Kampfkunst International e.V.Bochum — Germany

We hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards,
Organizer committee
F. Dariagard,
President of ISBAA & event