About Your application

To become official member of World wide all styles of martial arts & martial sports confederation WAMMCO®,
Each club must send us an email with all necessary informations about there club & style,
When we have your email our committee will study it and we will email you application form to fill it out membership form and send it to WAMMCO®.
You will hasten the process by providing as much information as you can about your Club or organization and style in your country.
If there are parts you can’t answer please contacting us directly and filling out what you can and we’ll move forward from there, you have statutes and registration documents make sure to send those right away.

After receiving your application form for membership we will get back to you with more information and let you know what we need from you in order to proceed.
If you don’t get a reply from us instantly, please don’t be alarmed. We are handling many applications from around the world and that sometimes takes time to test.
All applications that come in our hand will get registered and we make sure to get back to everyone as soon as we can.

We in World wide all styles of martial arts & martial sports confederation WAMMCO® make decision to have English as official international language for all contacts and communications, therefore only process applications forms in English.
if you don’t speak English we strongly recommend you find a translator. Using internet translation robots only creates misunderstandings and makes it difficult for us to verify your informations. So we can unfortunately not carry out an application process using internet translation either.
– Phone We can’t manage applications for membership over phone call, We need all informations from you with scan of your certifications in order to process that information, do research, discuss your application within the WAMMCO® World confederation team, committees and eventually put a formal decision to the board, everything needs to be in writing.

Application and Formal Agreement for club Membership must be agree

The undersigned responsible for the club agrees to full cooperation with promotion of the goals of the World wide All-styles Martial arts and Martial sports Confederation (WAMMCO®).

– We accept the purpose, as stated, to work, to accept and recruit members from all different styles of martial arts and martial sports.
– We recognise and accept the importance of unification of different systems under one organisation and agree to work toward this goal.
The Club also agrees to support WAMMCO®’s standardized system of rules and regulations to include all styles of martial arts and sports, especially safety rules.
– We agree to full support of the system developed by WAMMCO® to this purpose and acceptance and promotion of the so established system of regulations.

-IMPORTANT after become official member every one MUST be register to have WAMMCO® license to participate any activities, championships, seminars, education programs

Olympic committee & Olympic Games
– The club will work toward WAMMCO®’s goal of acceptance by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) & National olympic committee (NOC).
– We recognise that, it is one of WAMMCO®’s most important goals to achieve the acceptance of all styles of martial arts sports doing sports competition as Olympic discipline and agree to follow the leadership of WAMMCO® in all activities intended to bring this to fruition all those clubs & styles.
– We also agree that it is very important for the future of martial arts and sports to work and cooperate with international sports organisations & national sport federation NCS, to work for acceptance into these organisations.

– The club will also work toward establishing a system of support and education for all levels and styles of martial arts and sports. The goal of unification and promotion of martial arts for the future depends on a strong and standardised system of education to pass on the principles of martial arts to future generations.
We agree to this goal and to working towards its development.
– We recognise that it is crucial to the future of martial arts that there is unification among martial arts and sports, including the areas of education, philosophy, regulations, and purpose.
We agree to support these ends and work toward their promotion and recognition on an international scale.
– We agree to work toward the growth and development of WAMMCO®, specifically under the areas listed above, and to follow the leadership of the organisation in formulation and carrying out of future endeavours and goals.
– The club further agrees to the democratic principles of WAMMCO®.
We recognise that it is important that any organisation included in WAMMCO® is based on similarly democratic principles.
Any position of leadership is to be held only by persons elected through democratic processes, and any decisions concerning the activities of the organisation will also be democratically determined.

– The club must be active in organising and participating and organize WAMMCO®’s activities such as:
a) Championship / tournaments, national, continental, international every year.
b) Technical seminars / national, continental, international every year.
c) Referee seminars / national, continental, international to educate WAMMCO® rules every year.
d) Gala events / national, continental, international
– The club must support the WAMMCO® recognised rules and regulations for martial arts and martial sports.
The club must further work to actively and strongly promote the rules and regulations developed by WAMMCO® along with the unification of all martial art styles as recognized by WAMMCO®.
The club must support the decisions and views of WAMMCO® and not take any actions that are contrary to the interests of the organisation.

– For safety reasons of each members the club is required to use WAMMCO® recognised safety equipment in any championship regulations.

Information about Systems and Styles:
Each system and style of martial art that is part of the club must be registered in WAMMCO®. For this registration we must have a description and documentation of each system/style of martial arts and this should include the following information:

The history of the style or system and Description of the principles of the system or style, Description of form’s / katas and Description of techniques and rules and regulations for competitions, All other relevant information about this system or style in DVD format over internet delivery, These descriptions and all others information can be written on separate files and included with the application form.

We hereby confirm that our club has a democratic structure and that the board of directors is freely elected.
We accept the rules and regulations of WAMMCO®.
We agree to all of the previously listed stipulations.
Please fill out the following information as completely as possible

All information and proceedings of WAMMCO® are the strict and individual possession of WAMMCO®, and are not to be adopted or used by any other individuals or organisations without WAMMCO® confederation permission.

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