By becoming a member of Wammco® you will get the opportunity to join our activities for members which gives you lots of benefits. You will also get a better education towards the Olympic Games as we are trying to approach.

Benefits for Members

  • International academy, club membership certificate
  • International organization, association, membership certificate
  • International championship certificate
  • International seminar for all referee’s with certificate
  • International technical seminar with high master with certificate
  • A better price for our activities and seminars for our members
  • You can get a website and a e-mail from Wammco® cheaper by being a member

Wammco® Membership can also offer you the opportunity to:

  • Be part of a world wide martial arts community
  • Bring diversity and more international recognition to your club or organisation
  • Take part in international competitions and events

Membership Fees

All members must pay a membership fee once a year. The membership fee is to improve our activities then we can offer you the best of all. The membership fee also use to provide a better possibility’s for our member,

Members Registration Status – Phase 1

We are processing a large volume of membership requests. All members will receive a proval notification via our membership system as soon as we finish processing phase 1.

Thank you for joining WAMMCO®.