Goals & Principles

The primary goal of the world confederation is to unite and promote all styles and levels of martial arts and martial sports. It is the only existing organization that recognizes and works to develop the common philosophical and technical principles for all systems/styles of martial arts and martial sports.

WAMMCO® recognizes that all styles practiced today are anchored in a common tradition, and seeks to create awareness of the traditional origins and their legacy in modern martial arts forms.

WAMMCO® is an organization that promotes all levels of martial arts, from the beginner to the professional competitor. The belief of the organization is that martial arts are an activity in which all people can participate. We also believe that martial arts provide an important opportunity for personal and cultural communication and exchange.

The hope of WAMMCO® is to promote cultural understanding, peace, and environmental responsibility through martial arts. Some of the goals of the organization are as follows:

  • Unification and promotion of all styles of martial arts and all levels of martial arts trainers and practitioners.
  • Promotion and development of martial arts programs in every country. This goal includes establishment of national organisations in areas where they do not previously exist.
  • Establishment of communication between regional, stylistic, and national martial arts groups and organisations.
  • Recognition of martial arts and martial sports as a unified body, and as an activity for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Integration of the traditional principles of martial arts in martial arts training, and strengthening of the common awareness that the martial art is the basis for the martial sport.
  • Recognition, education, and promotion of other traditional elements of martial arts training, including medicine, health, philosophy, and mental balance.
  • Recognition of the connection between personal and cultural awareness and improvement, and martial arts training.
  • Development of cultural exchange and understanding across national boundaries through martial arts exchange and communication.
  • Development of a standard and comprehensive training program with its foundation in traditional martial arts.   This would include training in the fundamental philosophical principles and skills.
  • Establishment of training centers and universities for professional martial arts practitioners and trainers.
  • Development of a set of standard rules and regulations for all martial sports styles and systems.
  • Recognition by the International Olympic Committee of all styles of martial sports, and acceptance into the Olympic games.
  • Organisation of technical and educational seminars.
  • Organisation of national and international martial sports championships and martial arts events.
  • Organisation of national and international martial arts gala events.

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