WAMMCO® Rules & Regulations

WAMMCO® has developed a standard set of rules and regulations for martial sport (combat / competitions) activities.  Our goal is to include all martial sports under one set of rules.

In recognising the commonality between different systems and styles a set of 5 rules

  1. Form
  2. Form weapon
  3. Standing combat
  4. Mix combat
  5. Full combat

All have been formed in World confederation WAMMCO® which allows all styles of martial arts and sports to be included in tournament events.

The WAMMCO system and rules also includes the use of head and body protection.  This system eliminates most of the incidents of sports injury (%90) within martial arts sports tournaments and competitions.

Bases of Wammco® Rules and Regulations for national, international, world

  • Easy to understand for any one in martial arts styles world
  • Easy to use for all martial arts styles
  • Safe competition rules for all athletics (Men & Women)
  • Dynamic rules
  • Powerful and high technical rules
  • Traditional form from any styles
  • Make possible for any styles to use there own higher technical form
  • Use more hands and legs techniques in any discipline
  • Consideration for all styles (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Western styles)

Rules and Regulations been recognized

  • Form – Kata – Patent – Tao lu – Pomse
  • Kobudo – weapon form for all martial arts styles
  • safe rules for all athletics
  • Kumite Shobu Ippon
  • Kumite Shobu sanbun
  • Traditional form & rules from any styles
  • Sami contact
  • Japanese jujutsu