Anti doping policy statement

World wide all styles of martial arts & martial sports confederation WAMMCO with all there members (national confederations, clubs, students/players, coaches, referees and etc) are committed to ensuring that the sport of Martial Arts is doping free.
WAMMCO strongly believes that its Members (including athletes, athlete support personnel, and officials), promoters and supporters have a responsibility to help prevent and to eradicate the use of doping substances and methods in the sport of martial arts, not only for the health and safety of each member athletes, but also for the status, moral, principles of the martial arts in sport.

Anti Doping Rules/regulations and Procedures have been adopted to protect the rights of Martial Arts athletes to participate in a doping free sport combat competitions.
WAMMCO’s Anti Doping Policy and program has been developed to educate and inform teachers and coaches with there athletes and others of their responsibilities and rights to deter and to detect doping in a way that is scientifically valid and legally defensible to ensure consistency and fairness to apply consequences and sanctions for violations of the World confederation WAMMCO Policy and Rules.

WAMMCO encourages its Members (That’s including all athletes and athlete supporters) to know and understand the WAMMCO Anti Doping Policy and Rules, in particular their responsibilities and their rights to

Anti Doping Rules
The club further agrees to fallow anti doping rules and principles of WAMMCO® to provide clean martial arts student under WAMMCO® competition rules, special for recognition into Olympic Games sport.
We must not forget it’s out of all kinds of martial arts principles & filosofi, because good martial arts person NO need any kinds of doping to train or participants in any championships,