News & Events – 2008

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Invitation to International Images of Culture, Martial arts & Sports 2008©

Dear Friends of Martial Arts and Sports and Colleagues, Shihan’s, Sensei’s, referees, and competitors:

On behalf of the WAMMCO and our partner, we would like to Invite you to attend the

 Open International Intercontinental all styles karate championship 2008©

Open International Intercontinental all Martial Arts & Martial Sports styles championship 2008©

Open International all Martial arts & Martial sports styles conference 2008©.

Open International all martial arts styles Grand prix & cultural Gala 2008©.

Open International all martial arts styles seminar 2008.

 Sports Centre,  Holmbladsgade 71, 2300 Copenhagen S – competition’s area

When? Friday to Sunday November (21 to 23)2008 in Copenhagen Denmark,

For all Children & Cadet & Junior Girl/boy & Senior Women & men

Open for all systems/styles of All Martial Arts & Martial Sports from every countries and club’s – organization’s – Federation’s