To all my dear martial arts friends, partners and members around the world

We are in end of the year 2021, after hard periods for last 2 years as effected everyone in any part the world, But the Christmas holiday season 2021 break is here. We’re hoping that you’re getting ready to wind down and enjoy the season holiday & new year and that goes regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas in either a symbolic, a religious or secular or what […]

I like take this opportunity on behalf of our teams in World wide all styles of martial arts & martial sports confederation WAMMCO® to wish you and your family and everyone in your club a healthy and much successful in 2022

Happy holiday / Merry Christmas 2021
A healthy prosperous happy New Year 2022
to you and your family and everyone in your club!
May this time of the year be truly enjoyable
for everyone where ever will be.

We’ve also welcomed many fantastic new Partners, and we can’t wait to continue working with all of you, side by sides of our great old partners, through many years to come from the New Year.

On behalf of the entire WAMMCO®, Leadership & the teams, I’d like to wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season and best wishes for the New Year.
I hope to be able to see you all soon
either in our championships, seminars etc!

Thank you for pleasant 2021 and I am looking forward start 2022 with new idea with you.

See you in our Virtual International martial arts championship in 2022

Invitation to
International Online virtual all styles martial arts Championship 2022

Date:  – 2022
– Friday
– Saturday
– Sunday
All clubs has time to make preparation
More informations will be update again

– This important championship is open to all martial arts styles from Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia & other styles/countries practicing form in there style
1- Form art – Kata – Poomsae / Pattern – Tao lu
– Open to all recognised styles
Individual:– 10 to 14 – Boys
– 10 to 14 – Girls
– 15 to 19 – Boys
– 15 to 19 – Girls
– 20 to 29 – Men
– 20 to 29 – Female
– 30 to 39 – Men
– 30 to 39 – Female
– 40 & up – Men
– 40 & up – Female
Team Form art / Kata– 10 to 14

– 15 to 19
– 20 to 39
– 40 & up
2- Form weapon art – Kata kobudo – open to all styles
2,1 – Bo
2.2 – Sai
2.3 – Tonfa
2,4 – Kama
2,5 – Katana – Sword
– 10 to 14 – Boys
– 10 to 14 – Girls
– 15 to 19 – Boys
– 15 to 19 – Girls
– 20 to 29 – Men
– 20 to 29 – Female
– 30 to 39 – Men
– 30 to 39 – Female
– 40 & up – Men
– 40 & up – Female
Team Form weapon art/ Kata kobudo
– 10 to 14
– 15 to 19
– 20 to 39
– 40 & up
2,6 – More weapon will be update
For – both Female and male & ages
Ages, (we start with this ages and if we get good request we will make update if is time do that)Individuals (Form & Form Weapon)(one category for black belt and one for mix color belts at this moment but it is possible if we get for example, many in Brune belt we make one category for them to make more fair championship)

Referee’s & Judges
There will be International referee committee from different styles and clubs in the world
We strongly advise you to register referee from your style and club to be register and take part in this Int. intercontinental championship
Times: Will be middle of day
– European time zone,
– Asian and Ocean continents Afternoon & evening because of different time zone,
– Pan-American continent will be morning time zone
– Africa continent will be almost European time zone.
Online registration:
All club registration will be done online event management——————————————–
Please feel free to contact us for any questions and informations
you will needed, Please write your email in private massage
More informations will be update regularly
Thank you

Championship 2022 committee
United Kingdom WAMMCO® confederation,
International SougoBudo Academy Association, ISBAA

For membership
 to World confederation WAMMCO®,

We welcome every martial arts clubs around world join our World confederation WAMMCO® and world martial arts family
For your club and style membership 2022 from your country, Please be kind write all informations, CV and scan your certifications and contact us directly.
Please also read all informations about membership to our World confederation WAMMCO®,

About copy cat and abuse our World martial arts confederation WAMMCO®

We been informed time after time from our members around world that some peoples call them self martial arts federation and founder of martial arts federation, grand masters, 10 Dan with no basic in reality of martial arts principles and traditions and copy our World martial arts confederation information’s and logo and our name to look like us to make fraud certificates, give and sale diploma to different clubs in countries

They also copy our information’s and add to there pages or websites

We want to inform everyone around the world this kinds of persons are not martial arts person and they are fake, criminal, must bring to justice,

Therefore they fake and fraud our logo and name and information’s to add into piece of papers to make them self big and give it around countries,
This is all illegal in all kind of charge’

Please do not use this kind diploma from this types of peoples, if you do we will sue you in your national police and security agency and we will give all information’s to the minister of culture and sport & NCS & NOC to stop you once for for all good in your life.


WAMMCO® Online membership,
We are working to build new online membership registration form with better security for members privacy and to make easy for everyone will register and become member of our World martial arts confederation

We are updating our WAMMCO® website all the time and building new online registration form for all new clubs want become member of our World wide all styles of martial arts & martial sports confederation WAMMCO® from there country and work both national and internationally in WAMMCO®.

Thank you