About copy cat and abuse our World martial arts confederation WAMMCO®

We been informed from our members that some peoples call them self martial arts federation and founder of martial arts federation with no basic in reality in martial arts copy our World martial arts confederation logo and our name to make fraud give and sale diploma to different countries

They also copy our informations and add to there pages

We want to inform everyone this persons are not martial arts person and they are fake therefore they fake and fraud our logo and name to add into piece of papers to make them self big and give around countries, this is ‘ ilegal in all kind of charge’ please do not use this kind diploma, if you do we will sue you in your national police and security agency and we will give all informations to the minister of culture and sport to stop you for good in your life.


We have update to new website and building new online registration form for all new clubs want become member of World wide all styles of martial arts & martial sports confederation WAMMCO® from there country and work both national and internationally in WAMMCO®.

WAMMCO® Online membership, we have our new online membership registration form to make easy for everyone will register and become member of our World martial arts confederation

For all membership please be kind fill all informations and add your certifications

Thank you